Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today I reused a 5x7 piece of cereal box, a napkin from a fast food place, part of a security envelope, junk mail and calendar to make my ‘master piece’ 
The challenge was an “R” Word, and I chose ROCKETMAN.
Layers started with the cereal box and a layer of gesso. Glued the napkin on, and added  layers of paint. The music scrap paper was found on my workspce.  I cut the flames from junk mail, and rocket from an envelope glueing those to background. The circles were cut out with paper punch, and  I drew a face onto the top circle "Rocketman" glue those to background.  Triangle for nose was cut from another piece of cereal box, with glue & glitter added.  Useing  black marker for the wire piece (paperclip) on the nose & glued that on as well.  Finished edges with black marker.